Meg Harvey

Meg Harvey


I’m a PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Arizona. I strive to combine community and theoretical goals in my work.

Primary Research Interests:

  • Language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization
  • Reawakening languages
  • Remote language documentation methods
  • Morphology and morphophonology
  • Mayan linguistics (particularly Quichean languages)
  • Native American languages and linguistics
  • Tunica
  • Uto-Aztecan languages
  • Video games and language acquisition

photo credit: Robert Henderson



Hiaki Language Research and Documentation

I have worked with the Hiaki Language Research group at the UofA since 2018. My main focuses are Hiaki morphophonology, deixis, and writing language lessons for the second textbook volume.


I have worked with Ryan Bennett and Robert Henderson on the Uspanteko language since 2017. The majority of our work focuses on tone and intonation in Uspanteko, the only Guatemalan Mayan language currently described as having lexical tone. We have also published Uspanteko narratives and run capacity-building workshops at the Comunidad Lingüística Uspanteka.

Tunica Language Working Group

I have been a member of the Tunica Language Working Group since 2015. Now that volume one of the textbook is headed to press, much of my work focuses on documenting Tunica as it is currently spoken and adapting this documentation into pedagogical materials. We are also working on creating an archive of Tunica as it is now spoken.


2019. The Interaction of Tone and Intonation in Uspanteko

with Ryan Bennett and Robert Henderson. in the Proceedings of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) 2019.

To appear. Rowinataworu Luhchi Yoroni (Tunica Language Textbook)

with Andrew Abdalian, Craig Alcantara, Patricia Anderson, John Barbry, Raina Heaton, Mary Kate Kelly, Judith M. Maxwell, Brett C. Nelson, Donna Pierite, Elisabeth Pierite, Mackenzie Walters, N.A.    Wendte. Bloomington, IN. Indiana University Press.

To appear. Tonal variability and marginal contrast: Lexical pitch accent in Uspanteko.

with Ryan Bennett and Robert Henderson. Prosody and prosodic interfaces, eds. Haruo Kubozono, Junko Itô, and Armin Mester. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

2021 Kuka (Hiaki)

with Santos Leyva, Maria Leyva, and Heidi Harley. in Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas series from the International Journal of American Linguistics. Chicago, IL. University of Chicago Press.

To appear. Centering Revitalization in Remote Documentation Work

Coyote Papers (the Proceedings of the Arizona Linguistics Circle 15) Remo Nitschke, Jennifer Medina, Gabriela de la Cruz-Sánchez, Damian Yukio , Romero Diaz, Florian Hafner, Luis Irizarry, Jesús González Franco, John Powell,  George-Michael Pescaru. Tucson, AZ. University of Arizona Press.

2021. Hiaki Echo Vowels are a Floating Glottal Feature

with Heidi Harley. in the proceedings of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 37. Somerville, MA. Cascadilla Press.